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The Shredded Lands by DameOdessa
The Shredded Lands Contest: THE WINNERS!
Lien vers le journal en français:

An edit on the results ?! But why!? O___o
Well... just have a look at the :new: elements and say a big "Thank You" to  :iconchesis-griffith: who is offering new prizes to the winners :heart: :heart:
This is the time for the results!!! :la:
It has been an ordeal to choose... Really... So far the most difficult thing I've ever had to do on dA I think... People, you are crazy, your entries were TOO amazing! :heart:
This is why I want to apologize...
I would have had more points, I would have been faster to draw, I would probably offered even more prizes in order to thank you all. Choosing tore my heart in two most of all because I perfectly know you put all your passion in each of those works :tears:
:iconchaoswheel: Concours les Terres Lacerees: LES GAGNANTS!
Link to the English journal:

Un update sur les résultats mais pourquoi ? O___o
Ma foi.. Jetez donc un coup d'oeil aux éléments portant la mention :new: et remerciez chaleureusement :iconchesis-griffith: qui offre de nouveaux prix aux gagnants :heart:
Voici venu le moment tant attendu des résultats!!! :la:
Ca a été un vrai chemin de croix et un superbe crève-cœur de choisir... Vraiment... Je crois même que ça a été la plus grosse épreuve que j'aie subie sur dA... Les gens, vous êtes fous, vos participations est TROP belles! :heart:
C'est pour cela que je vous présente toutes mes excuses...
Je suis vraiment désolé


This is the time for the results!!! :la:
It has been an ordeal to choose... Really... So far the most difficult thing I've ever had to do on dA I think... People, you are crazy, your entries were TOO amazing! :heart:
This is why I want to apologize...
I would have had more points, I would have been faster to draw, I would probably offered even more prizes in order to thank you all. Choosing tore my heart in two most of all because I perfectly know you put all your passion in each of those works :tears:
However, the power of Chaos has spoken and chose the elect!
:winner:Congrats to all of them!:clap:

:star:WINNER: :iconooneithoo::star:

- The Shredded Land Contest - by ooneithoo

What can I say ?
You perfectly understood this double relationship: Lune and its four aspects, Lune and Sylven.
I realized that most of my story was indeed based on them, so different, but so close, much more than they could even imagine. And now, in your composition they seem totally opposed, though they need to be complementary.
Needless to mention the expressions, full of life, perfectly fitting "each" character; the details you put as a reminder of their own allegiance with the Militia of Twilight symbol and the Ghost Hand emblem.
I can tell... Lune truly inspires you :D And it seems you begin to know it a lot! Each of its aspects is perfect: eerie purity, seducing danger, childish madness, you seized every elements in a fantastic trio (and... maybe it is only a detail for most of the people reading this comment but... its skin!!! Its bloody pale skin! You amazingly managed to paint it!)
And Sylven... So glad to discover my favourite criminal drawn in your style, quite threatening as usual, a presence following Lune as a h(a)unting shadow... Or maybe quite the opposite ? I can't express how much their respective poses totally match their story, it's simply incredible how you amazingly managed to depict their relationship O_O
A work I could contemplate for hours and hours, totally mind-blowing :heart:
Thank you so much, dear Neith :hug:

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- Ruins - by ooneithoo-  Jibril - the Blue Maiden - by ooneithoo- Niluviel X Nelyaeth - Ladies of Lyorei - by ooneithoo- Brotherhood -  Snowflake - by ooneithoo- Su - The Priestess - by ooneithoo- Birds Mascarade - Chibi Swan and Chibi Blue Jay by ooneithoo

Mature Content

- Lussuria - Blue Roses - by ooneithoo
- Seven Sins - Superbia - by ooneithoo

:star:2nd PLACE :iconraka-raka: and :iconcam-miyu::star:

Sorry, my ladies >_<
I thought about this for hours and hours... Looking at your stunning works, trying to say "this one is better... No this one..."
It was not possible to choose.
I LOVE both works SO much :heart:
So the second place is for you two!

Contest: shredded lands by raka-raka

Love... Love in all it means... When I saw this magnificient work, I was really really moved. It is incredible how you amazingly depicted their love, their look is so sweet, tender, we can perfectly feel their mutual trust, they do not need any word to understand each other. And their poses: they mean everything!
The coloring is splendid, so sweet, bringing a peaceful atmosphere, this is such an intimistic moment between this "cursed" couple, we actually just wouldn't try to bother them, letting them enjoying their love...
Thanks a lot, dear Raka :huggle:

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The spy by raka-rakaIllustration by raka-rakaPoster2 by raka-rakaWater by raka-rakaHappy 2014 by raka-rakaPoster by raka-raka4 animals by raka-raka


Lady Odessa by cam-miyu

Odessa... Actually, your work can be sum up with this single word. Not because it depicts my OC, something kinda obvious, but because you depicted her as I always imagined her! This is the TRUE Odessa.
I love your Art Nouveau works, they are always so detailed, refined... Seeing my Lady of Choas in your style is such a true honor! I love everything about this work: the pose, the dress design, the patterns in the frame, the harmony of colors. I must admit, I'm also very surprised about your creativity in this piece, this is the first time I see Odessa drawn this way and I'm loving it. I mean... amazingly sexy but without her usual succubus behaviour. There, she is the Priestess, the Lady :heart:
And one last detail... Her face... Thanks from the bottom of my heart for painting such face for her... She is absolutly sublim, I'm in love with her features!
Thank you deeply, dear Cam :hug:

More works from this artist:
Ice Queen by cam-miyu

Mature Content

Skydoll - Agape Art Nouveau by cam-miyu
Kiss of Death by cam-miyuPouet x Sentbon by cam-miyuOld romance by cam-miyuAomitsu by cam-miyuPonyo by cam-miyu

:star:3rd PLACE: :iconnoindys:, :icondrcasecasedds: and :iconearwenmymy::star:

Ok, Ok... beat me once again... Kill me for being unable to choose... But those entries are damned so cool! :heart:

Urdryamnash, God Of Chaos by Noindys

He is simply awesome! I would say: you perfectly understood him! This pose, this look, this expression... Madness and sadness, Urdryamnash in all his glory! I'm not used to see him wearing trousers and shirts and, well... this is quite attractive :flirty: The whole atmosphere is stunning, perfectly fitting his despair and cruelty, your created a great harmony of colors; the tortured sky, the curtain are two elements absolutly magnificient, which can both have a particular meaning for him...
But the main part I could look for hours and hours is his face: you kept his androgynous feautres but managed to give him a real manly expression, so seducing :love:
Thank you so much, Nolwenn :heart:

More works from this artist:
Un Coeur Glace ne craint pas l'Hiver by NoindysAlcid by Noindys#Howrse 08 by NoindysGive Me Your Hand by NoindysRaevan by NoindysStill in the Dark by Noindys


The Burnt One by DrCaseCaseDDS

The entry I would have never expected :wow: Ugo... Honestly, someone painting him was something I couldn't believe! He is fabulous! The portrait is quite simple but so incredibly expressive (and this is even much more difficult because of his mask... But the look is so full of life!). We can feel all his personnality in this composition: calm but determined, intelligent, merciless... I love the fact you put a little reference to the Strategist with this card, creating a stunning atmosphere, mysterious, a bit eerie but fascinating. And this a black and white drawing! So unique and uncommon, I love!
Thanks a lot, Case Case :cuddle:

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Hight Priestress and priestress by EarwenMymy

The prize of coincidence! It is almost impossible you got this information I added in my blog at the end of april. Evanaskia linked to the Shredded Lands' Asia, the Laurasia! So truly when I saw this, I was totally stunned, surprised and so amazingly happy! She is gorgeous like this, this outfit is sublim! I love the mood in the whole composition, this is so enchanting and dreamy....
And all those details! The grass, the butterflies: awesome!
Thank you so much, Myriam :glomp:

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Harlock by EarwenMymyTRC in sea by EarwenMymyStay by my side by EarwenMymyKurohisuimangriff by EarwenMymyHitsugaya and Matsumoto : the best ! by EarwenMymyMy wish for us by EarwenMymy

:star:HEARTCRUSH: :iconzalysnacra:, :iconkrukof2:, :iconhatch-strange:, and :iconspadiekitchenqueen:,:star:

I'm weak, I'm weak, too weak... But I simply follow what my heart tells me to do :heart:

.: The two faces of the moon :. by ZalysNacra

I had a real heartcrush when I discovered this entry... Lune and its paradoxes, Lune and its aspects, complementary and opposed! I love the card game feeling, splendid composition to describe his personnalities, the false symmetry to show hos different are actually both faces of the moon... It has an eerie mood, something between melancholia and danger.
Thanks a lot, Zalys :tighthug:

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Ambre by ZalysNacraLa'a by ZalysNacraPouet !! by ZalysNacraVersion couleurs by ZalysNacraSleeping beauty by ZalysNacra


THE ORACLE (W.I.P) by krukof2
Beware! This is just a preview image for the .PDF, the entry is actually a motion comics!

May I present you this fabulous unlucky work which had to go through many ordeals before it finally appears on dA ?
So amazingly original, with a captivating story, such a fascinating entry, we are captivating from the very first pictures.
Thank you, Kruk, for this dreamy journey :hug:

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Blond arabesques by krukof2Mata Hari ... by krukof2ENASSAN by krukof2NAOKO - com - by krukof2Red Sorceress by krukof2


The Disaster Pair by Hatch-Strange

Beware people, Evilness meeting! :fear: I'm not sure if this crossover is cute... seducing... eerie... or a real disaster for all of us :rofl: I love how you "paired" them, truly, the composition is a wonder, as usual you put so many fantastic details in it :faint: And well... the characters are so attractive and delightful... in the evil way :evillaugh: I wouldn't trust those smile but crazy characters are always the best!
Thanks a lot, Hatch :w00t:

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Com .:The bird and the wolf:. by Hatch-StrangeBG .:Chibi Syrcielle for Linelana:. by Hatch-StrangeOCs .:Zachary and Snowflake - black and white:. by Hatch-StrangeThe  Conductor Spring by Hatch-StrangeOCs Comic .:Next target:. by Hatch-Strange


CE: les enfants du pard by spadiekitchenqueen
Beware! This is just a preview image for the .PDF, the entry is actually a text!

A story I truly enjoyed, depicting an epic adventure crossover between your Pards and my Shredded Lands OC! Emotion, danger, fun... This is captivating from the first to the last word :heart: You amazingly understood my characters' personnality, I love how they interact with Bairei and Katy, the kids are so cute and the villains are amazingly eerie! :evillaugh:
Thank you very much, spadie :tighthug:

More works from this artist:
PantophiliaThe smallest things could arouse her.
The rustle of leaves in the wind,
the seashore waves and the lapping water
would send desire burning in her mind.
The pattering rain and its gentle caresses
was enough to have her heart race
For hours she would be transfixed in front of a sculpture
or getting lost in the silky feel of a scrap of fur
A man two days stubble, the curve or a woman's chest
would be enough to have her wide eyed and whimper
Fingers burning with need and dancing in the air
she would fight her desire to reach, stroke and pet
Everywhere around her she would see great beauty
Craving to reach out, to give in to her heart's wish
Yet being too shy she would walk home lonely
Desire ablaze in her soul, an ever burning anguish.
Ghosts of the pastNo one knew how to kill a conversation better than my grandfather
He had been in the war, used to be a butcher
Never would he talk of what he had seen or done
But mid sentence sometimes he would just stop his drone
He would get that glazed look on his face
When he would grab at our arms and knead the flesh
All while mumbling in his old man's voice
About the greater good and that he had no choice
My grandma would come over, soothe him gently
Have him release his grip, bringing him back from obscurity
He had been a great cook with a deft hand and knife
But never she let him come near a blade again in this life
He was said to be a hero, a saviour by all acclaimed
Yet we could hear him at night whimpering his nightmare
He was a broken man, a ghost that still lived
Haunted by a past of stinking trenches, blood and warfare
No one knew how to kill a conversation better than my grandfather
This tired old man that used to be a warrior, a soldier
But it doesn't matter that he is so bad at c
Barren fields, burned landAs far as I can remember, I never wanted children. I was at best, indifferent to those wailing, squirming little creatures that would make my peers squeal and giggle and croon in stupid voices. I never baby sitted. Well, no. I babysitted once. I had no choice at the moment. I tucked the bundle between my two dogs, with a saucer of apple sauce and some dry biscuits, and watched over them. They looked to have fun. I kept my distances, fed it when needed, cleaned it several times, bathed it and sang to it and tucked it in when it fell asleep and was done.
It? Yes, for me it was an it. I took good care of it because it was my duty but that was all.
I never wanted a child. Never. At my majority I asked to be surgically sterilised. Of course, I was considered crazy, and sent back home with the pill. I repeated my request every year since then, to no avail. Even when the pill didn't work and I had a miscarriage, they refused. Men can have a vasectomy, men have that freedom over their body, a
A Cupid roast"Boss.. I am really not sure it's that good an idea after all..."
A gentle rustle of wings to his left made him jump but he only managed to catch a brief glimpse of movement from the corner of his eyes. They were fast, way too fast, and too many. Never the old man would manage. Again this sound, so similar to dove's wings beating the air, coming nearer and nearer. He could see them in his head, circling him like so many vultures around a carcass.
The dull sound of the detonations echoed through the last swirls of mist and the ground vibrated under the impact of the five bodies landing around him, followed by a gentle tumbling rain of feathers.
"Pick them up, my boy. We still have a lot of things to do so hurry."
With a half disgusted, half appreciative twitch of lips, the young man set to work, putting on the heavy protective gloves that were required in such a line of work. His boss had still a great aim for his age, he had to admit that at least: each of the cupids had been s

:star:THE 8 KNIGHTS OF CHAOS: Honorable mentions:star:

Evanaskia by AcyeL by :iconacyel:
Simply because I love this intimistic moment, the peaceful scene, Evanaskia's surprised expression. This is sweet, lovely and she has such gorgeous curves!:love:

More from this artist:
Dryad Sagitarius by AcyeLElfe des bois by AcyeLHigh Violet by AcyeL


I'll give you some reasons to hate women by Lithana-Stia by :iconlithana-stia:
This is the fantastic meeting! I would really love to see such fight, I guess this would be really interesting. And... well... I'm in love with the title! :heart:

More works from this artist:
Don't be so close, your breath is...too sharp by Lithana-StiaRising by Lithana-StiaTomb Raider VI : This is not a time for tourism by Lithana-Stia


Jiang by Ippotamus by :iconippotamus:
A fantastic OC from you, with a marvelous story and a great design, I really appreciate this, she is stunning! :D

More works from this artist:
Sinuhi by IppotamusGamora's Storm by IppotamusCherish The Time by Ippotamus


Ereshdikal's Rage by DreadJim by :icondreadjim:
The update was a greeeeeat idea, truly! It perfectly shows his amazing power, I love the fact you chose to depict his fury, something people tends to forget: he has god-like powers and we can feel it here! :P

More works from this artist:
Fox Spirit copy by DreadJimSeven Deadly Brides: Sloth by DreadJimWhite Walkers by DreadJim


Contest : the Shredded Lands by MellorianJ by :iconmellorianj:
You're the only person able to feature this character as a classy and powerful sorcerer despite his madness. A fantastic portrait, love his pose and look :love:

More works from this artist:
Ecthelion of the Fountain by MellorianJRider Elrond by MellorianJThe Lady of Imladris by MellorianJ


Shredded Lands Alliance by SoleiBee by :iconsoleibee:
A fantastic traditionnal work, I'm totally in love with your technique, the wonderful details you put in this work!

More works from this artist:
Brigid by SoleiBeeHunted by SoleiBeeNature Sprite by SoleiBee


Zamjhee by JanPI-R by :iconjanpi-r:
So amazingly detailed, a fierce look and a splendid pose :clap:

More works from this artist:
Akene4-01b by JanPI-RCute broom surfing witch racing with a tiny dragon by JanPI-RPar l'Amamin by JanPI-R


Mature Content

Dangerous Games by CristianaLeone
by :iconcristianaleone:
Hmmmm... Sexyness! And Odessa is truly happy to have met such handsome, evil and powerful elf... But... who will suffer the most of this affair ? :devil:

More works from this artist:
Under The Leaf by CristianaLeoneDragon Eye by CristianaLeoneKilling you softly by CristianaLeone

:heart: All the entries! :heart:

Coups de Foudre sur Morta : Terres Lacerees IVVoyez ces horizons danser au rythme de nos pas hiératiques,
Imaginez les ardeurs du jour peser sur le temps à le rendre immobile,
Et vous saurez qu’en ce royaume de la démesure,
La vie n’est que combat !

    Les ruelles ombragées de Joktan n’étaient plus qu’un lointain souvenir, lorsque l’humble caravane franchit les dunes chauffées à blanc du désert des Tubba.
    Sous l’étoffe masquant leurs visages, les membres de la compagnie souffraient, tant les vents portaient l’ocre des Terres jusqu’au plus profond de leurs poumons…
    Sgàilea s’approcha du petit Elfe, dont le silence inhabituel l’inquiéta :
-- Pikselfe…est-ce que ça va ?
-- Pas de problème…
-- Tu es sûr ?
-- Bien sûr, pourquoi ça n’irait pas ?
-- Et bien je me disais que le c
Le voyageur du temps dans les Terres lacerees IChevalier du temps - Partie I: L'arrivée aux Terres lacérées.
Comme chaque fois l’espace-temps est cet amas de grains de sable où je me laisse glisser comme si on disséquait chaque cellule de mon être. Un gros caillou dans un essaim d’abeilles qui se gonfle, puis reprend sa forme. Et l’instant même, je me réveille en un autre univers de ces parallèles qui sont comme les cordes d’une harpe céleste.
Toujours cette sensation que mon cerveau est une gélatine molle où des éclats d’énergie partent dans toutes les directions en feux d’artifices.  Puis les zébrures se touchent, s’étreignent et formes une toile. La conscience renaît : une bulle d’air remontant des eaux boueuses  et épaisses d’un marécage.
La sensation de se constituer à nouveau en un être matériel est indicible
Contest Entry: Silver HymnMaiden fair
Across the sky you move
Leaving your silver trace
Weave the stars
Brighten my path
Aladriss, Zirna
Maiden Moon
I dance with you
Mother love
Round you stand
Your hair a silver web
Hold me tight
Protect me now
Sater, Tiv
Mother Moon
I am your child
Crone wise
Power you have
Silver staff in hand
Grant me wisdom
Guide me
Lizdia, Losna
Crone Moon
I learn from you
Silver Weavers
Triple Moon
Weave your web
On Nyx' home
Your powers bright
All through the night
Mighty waters
Bend to you
Mighty Moon
Come to me
Bring me light
Mysterious Moon
Be with me
Stir my heart
And always shine
In my darkest hour
Odessa by olights60 GeneseAu commencement, l’univers n’était qu’un gouffre infini  parsemé de milliards de trous noirs, dont la  gravitation était si intense qu’elle empêchait toute forme de matière ou de rayonnement  de s’en échapper. Les astres, prisonniers de ce dédale sans fin attendaient depuis le début des temps que les divinités les libèrent. Les Dieux n’osaient s’en approcher, sauf Amon-Rê, protégé par la pierre magique bleue, lapis-lazuli. S’approchant d’un gouffre, il aperçut un prisme de glace qui tournoyait. Il souffla si fort que l’astre céleste fût aspiré et heurta son front. Un halo de lumières divines surgit alors et l’horizon apparut enfin, parsemé de feu, de sang et d’eau. Amon-Rê déposa délicatement le cristal sur sa précieuse pierre et une immense mer La Danseuse de Lune - partie 1Allongé sur le dos, bras croisés derrière la tête, Feydrinn-Loki observait les étoiles dans le ciel de Sageparole, tout en laissant son esprit vagabonder librement. La nuit était douce et quoi de plus agréable que d'en profiter sur les hauteurs ? Il tourna la tête pour observer paresseusement les alentours. Des ombres se déplaçaient sur les toits : félins, voleurs et ... tiens ?
Le Dieu se redressa sur un coude pour mieux profiter du spectacle. Sur la lune ronde et blanche se détachait une silhouette, gracile et gracieuse, dont le corps souple voltait et dansait sur le faîte d'un toit lointain.
Feydrinn se releva souplement, décidant de s'approcher. Il devait être bien plus discret qu'il ne le croyait car, alors même qu'il avait pris pied sur la même toiture qu'elle, l'inconnue mit plusieurs secondes avant de réaliser qu'elle n'était plus seule. Des secondes
Bienvenue en Rodinia by spadiekitchenqueenCE: les enfants du pard by spadiekitchenqueen
The shredded lands by annemaria48Lady Odessa by annemaria48The shredded land 2 by annemaria48Malika Makeda by Autumns-MuseLady Odessa by Autumns-MuseShaelz'drynn by Autumns-MuseThe Rising by NTGreen
petit monstre by 666BrunoDame odessa et Talos by ZeldaPeachLavanlorha by hyneigeShredded Lands Alliance by SoleiBeePet by 666BrunoLady Odessa Shadowclaw by EryshtaLady Odessa by cam-miyu- The Shredded Land Contest - by ooneithooMage Academy by madMikadoMage Academy - BW version by madMikadoThe Disaster Pair by Hatch-StrangeLune dernier combat by hyneige:thumb454897631:Contest Dame Odessa by LeighAshuna
Kaellinia by IppotamusGilroy by IppotamusJiang by Ippotamus
THE ORACLE (W.I.P) by krukof2Guide de Rodinia : contest entry 2 by spadiekitchenqueen
LesTerresLacereesIntou-Pana by RazaSpiritContest : the Shredded Lands by MellorianJ.: The two faces of the moon :. by ZalysNacra+She+ Urdryamnash's lover~DameOdessa Contest by HisanaKuchikiContest Dame odessa by Tcim-moutonI'll give you some reasons to hate women by Lithana-Stia

Mature Content

Dangerous Games by CristianaLeone
Dame Odessa et Seiko by EarwenMymyOdessa by GetsuartEvanaskia by AcyeLI know you want iiit by TsukiiyoContest: shredded lands by raka-rakaHight Priestress and priestress by EarwenMymyArcanes by CTenaidLady of Chaos by Lithana-Stia:thumb449849944:A Beautiful Pain by RyuMatsudaI want to know everything by CTenaidZamjhee by JanPI-RLadies Hang-out by silk501Odessa by roku999Ereshdikal's Rage by DreadJimThe Burnt One by DrCaseCaseDDSUrdryamnash, God Of Chaos by NoindysOdessa by Py3rrCE: Four Wings by Naraxir-ArtChoix des dames - contest by Aarok

One last word

Once again, thank you very much for your entries, your support during the contest, your kindness and generosity. :heart:
It moved me a lot, you just can't imagine :huggle:

For the winners, please contact the prize donators to claim you prizes :meow:
(concerning Hecateslight's prizes, please let choose the 1st place, then the second place and finally the third and heartcrush, this is how we planned the process ;))
And well, send me your notes too to tell me what you want to get, don't hesitate to be very precise about your wishes :la:
(I'll do my best to be very quick, I promise :D But I'll have a lot of work :giggle: So, please, be patient :heart:) And of course, tell me in which of you drawings/works you want to get a critique from me ;)

  • Mood: Joy

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